Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Dark Iron Forums...because they cause me raaaaaaaage!

First point of order, the Dark Iron server forums, which I will not link to in order to spare your brains, have been in disarray as of late. Posts that serve no practical purpose, the worst trolls this side of Sen'jin villiage, and completely random moderation abound.

Bellwether over at 4haelz had a very interesting look at and critique of our forum mods. As she did, I also sent a letter of complaint to whoever the hell I'm apparently supposed to send it to. Shortly after this bombardment of whoever (believe me more than just the two of us sent email), the moderation COMPLETELY disappeared...only to resurface again this week. So far I've had TWO posts complaining about the idiots on the forums posting pvp-related topics get deleted. While you may be thinking, "Hey Banana, with all this rage i see seething through, maybe you went overboard and against the TOS," only ONE of those posts was really something that should have been deleted (the second one, which admittedly was ridiculously wordy and sweartastic).

I have since made a 3rd, very docile post. No response to that one, which is fine. But the fact remains that me and several friends have had posts deleted recently, AGAIN, that had no business being removed. Why Blizzard fails to properly train moderation (at least in my view), is beyond my comprehension.

To anyone from the forums that may read this that posts stupid pvp-related topics, such as "Harhar I camped u nubz!" or "Lolol I r level 80 and destroyed a level 60 zone", do our brains a favor and shut the hell up.


Anonymous said...

OMG I love your blog. Its so super sexy! (just like you) Will you marry me please?

MusicWorksForMe said...

Lovely Raaaaaa aaaaging post. Keep on going :)